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Trudy's Purpose Built Accessible Home


Trudy's purpose built accessible home is full of great design elements that allow her to maximise her environment. Her favourite features are the private backyard garden and the home's spacious layout, which makes it ideal for hosting friends and family. Her home is built, designed and managed by Julia Farr Housing Association.

Key Features:

Front garden
Back garden
2 bedrooms
Large living spaces

Accessibility and Inclusion Features:

Flat entrances
Wide hallways
Wide doors
Accessible bathroom
Accessible kitchen
Lowered light switches
Electronic windows


The Importance Of Space

Every room is full of features that enhance Trudy's control and comfort in her home, but she says it's the shape and size of her home and yard that matter most to her.

Every year Trudy has a New Years party with her friends, some of whom are also wheelchair users. The hosting duties always fall to Trudy because her home is the only one that's spacious enough to comfortably accommodate multiple wheelchair users at once. Her friends can gather around in her living room without having to construct a puzzle, something groups of all able-bodied friends might take for granted. Friends and family are a really important part of Trudy's life, so having room for them in her home was a must.

You also can't overestimate the importance of having the space to move about freely. Trudy can zip through her home in her powerful electric wheelchair without worrying about slowing down to navigate narrow hallways and tight corners.

A Home That Accommodates Your Interests

The enclosed backyard is another must for Trudy. She is an animal lover and the proud owner of two beautiful greyhounds. Her secure yard means her dogs can come in and out as they please. There is plenty of paved space for Trudy to take her dogs for walks, even runs, around her property. Trudy also loves having a garden. She has a busy and full life, and so when she has spare time, sitting among her flowers is her own little sanctuary.

The photos on this page are interactive. When you hover your mouse, or finger if using a touch screen, over the photos, points of interest will appear. Click on these points to learn more about the specific accessibility features that help make this house great.