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Tony's Beautiful, Touchable Home


Tony may not be able to see, but he doesn't have a shortage of vision. Tony is a musician who exudes style and creativity from the threads he dons to the artistic apartment he’s designed with his wife Jane. Learn how Tony has created a functional home that is as pleasing to the touch as it is to the eye.

Key Features:

Close to shops, restaurants and entertainment
1 bedroom

Accessibility and Inclusion Features:

Narrow passageways
Soft, rounded furniture
Electronic audio labelling system
Audio book reader
Screen replacement software


The compact size and shape of Tony’s apartment makes it easy and comfortable for him to get around without his cane. The last apartment Tony and his wife lived in was much larger. Tony said that after only a few weeks in his new smaller home, he feels more at ease and in control of his environment here than after years in his old home. This is because there are no large empty spaces. There are passageways where he can feel both sides, and there is a clean easy pathway throughout the apartment.

One of Tony’s key tips is using furniture with soft edges that won’t hurt you if you bump into it. Tony also likes placing tall plants around the house, so that he can feel them and get a cue as to where he is.

Tony's house is not only functional though, it is beautiful and stylish. It is full of artwork, many pieces created by friends. Some he has never seen. Some older pieces he has. But Tony says that he has a picture in his mind of everything in his apartment, whether he has actually seen it or not.

Style is important to Tony, and it doesn't stop with his apartment. Tony uses a device called a Penmate to electronically tag his clothes so that he knows exactly what that turquoise and mid-blue fine checkered shirt with black trim looks like. Tony could give lessons on how to dress to impress for seeing and non-seeing people alike.

The below photos highlight accessibility features mentioned in the above video and text. If you hover your mouse, or finger if using a touch screen, over the photos, points of interest will appear, pointing you to these features.