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Rachel, Strong And Independent In Her Own Home


For Rachel, living in her own home means freedom, strength and security. The location of her home is integral to her independence and well being. She lives a short stroll from shops, cafes, entertainment and public transport. She lives a busy lifestyle, which makes it all the more important that her home is her haven.

Key Features:

Close to shops, restaurants and entertainment
1 bedroom

Accessibility and Inclusion Features:

Direct intercom to parent's home


It was a bit of an adjustment to move out of her parents home and into a place on her own, but it did not take long before Rachel loved her newfound independence.

Not having someone to remind her of the chores that needed done was her biggest challenge, but she found that putting a few pictures on the wall to remind her of routine tasks was all she needed to help her take care of her home.

She lives close to her parents. She also has a direct phone line that connects to her parents' house, so all she has to do is pick up the phone. This helped her feel safe and secure when she first moved out. But she and her parents often speak about and plan for the future when they may not be around. Rachel is confident that she will continue to be able to live independently and thrive.

This is because she knows the area well. She has friends in her community. She knows the public transport system. She is also studying at university. She has a rich social life and participates in a lot of community activities.

Rachel doesn't plan to always live on her own though. She is engaged and one day plans to move in with her future wife.