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Jesse's Home Automation Renovation


Jesse's 1960s inner city apartment was given both a style and accessibility makeover. It's not only given him more freedom and independence, but it's also a place he is happy to come home to, and proud to have friends over.

Key Features:

Close to shops, restaurants and entertainment
1 bedroom

Accessibility and Inclusion Features:

Video Monitor
Custom accessible design
Wireless home automation


Jesse is an impeccably dressed young man who loves to connect with friends and make people laugh, which lucky for him, is something he is incredibly gifted at.

Although he was very happy with the location of his inner city rental apartment, its 1960s look just wasn't reflective of his own style. Also, as his access needs increased, his apartment was no longer as suited for him as it could be.

Julia Farr Housing Association and Stretchy Tech, an inclusive technology provider, worked together to transform Jesse's apartment into a home that not only looks great, but also works for him. Jesse can now speak and his home listens and responds. Controlling the temperature, the TV, the music, the blinds, the window, the lights, even the colour of the lights, is about as easy as saying hello.

Jesse feels proud to be in a home that looks nearly as good as his wardrobe, but the house has also given him peace of mind. He said in the past he had worried he could end up in a nursing home, but now that he's experienced how easy it is to control his home with automation, he sees a long independent future for himself. The home transformation also gave him more confidence and enjoyment at having guests around because now he can open the door, turn on the lights, the music and set the scene. He said he knows his friends would be more than happy to do these things for him, but it isn't the same as doing it for yourself.

The benefits of this home transformation go further still. He said that it's made a huge positive impact on his well-being, which in turn benefits his physical health.

This video was produced by Stretchy Tech. If you would like to enquire about the inclusive technology you've seen in this home please contact