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Heather On Designing A Home For Family And Lifestyle


Heather is a happy mum and nan. She raised her two children as a single parent, which meant that having a well-designed home that enabled her was a must. Heather knew exactly what she needed and wanted, and so she met with an architect to bring her vision to life. The result is a functional, warm family home that matches Heather's needs, interests and values.

Key Features:

Back garden
3 bedrooms
Large living spaces
Close to shops, restaurants and entertainment

Accessibility and Inclusion Features:

Flat entrances
Wide hallways
Wide doors
Accessible bathroom
Accessible kitchen
Raised garden beds
Wheelchair accessible pathways


Heather lives a busy life and loves being out with her friends, but she also loves coming home. She says when she's home, her disability is invisible. That's because her home is designed for her, and so she is able to do everything in it without stress. Heather raised twins as a single parent, a task challenging enough on its own, and so having a functional, sensible home was a must.

All it took to create Heather's enabling home was a few design considerations; open rooms, flat entrances, a wide hallway, wide interior doorways, a paved courtyard, raised garden beds, a lowered clothesline, lowered kitchen counters, sink and stove, easy to reach drawers and shelves, a spacious bathroom with rails and one single front door with a viewing panel.

Heather's children never paid any mind to their mother's wheelchair. They've always seen her as mum; cooking for them, cleaning up after them, guiding them, yelling at them when the need arose, but always loving and caring for them.

Heather realised her kids really didn't see her disability when her daughter first brought a boyfriend home to meet her. He was surprised to discover that Heather used a wheelchair. Heather's daughter never told him. It hadn't even crossed her mind to mention it.

Today Heather's kids are grown up and have moved out from home. But Heather still loves having them over, cooking for them and caring for her now growing family.

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